Quercus alba

White Oak


Quarryville Elementary School,  211 South Hess Street, Quarryville PA


Scott Peiffer, Kathleen Hood


This tree (first photo, 2019) was planted more recently than the rest of Quarryville Elementary’s historic tree collection.  It is a certified direct des- cendant of a tree known as the "Boundary Oak" (a legal property marker in 19th Century documents) on the farm where Abraham Lincoln grew up in Hodgenville KY.


The famous Boundary Oak (4th photo) was about 30 years old when Abe was born in 1809. When the tree died a few years ago, it had a diameter of 6 feet, a height of 90 feet, and a crown of 115 feet.


This amazing species has the nick- name of Stave Oak because its wood is so important in the construction of barrels, including those used for whis- key.  Through the aging process, a White Oak barrel transforms harsh, burning, raw distillate (moonshine) in- to sweet, smooth, enjoyable Whis- key.