Betula papyrifera

White Birch (Paper Birch)                        


620 S. Oak Street, Manheim PA (backyard)


Sue Spiese


This tree was planted 50 years ago (Summer 1968) by the father-in-law of current owner Sue Spiese.  "Most birch in Lancaster County rot and fall apart long before they get as big as this one," Spiese said.  "But it was planted on the north side of the house and was mostly shaded in its early years, which may have allowed it to thrive in a clime that's warmer than what birch trees ordinarily like."  While White Birch can surpass 100 years in the wild, 30-40 years is more typical of cultivated trees grown in the home landscape.


With a trunk circumference of about 8 feet at 3 feet high (before the split), and a height of about 50 feet, this tree would be about the 4th largest listed at pabigtrees.com for the entire state of Pennsylvania, and may be the larg- est White Birch in Lancaster County.


This amazing species can produce a million seeds per tree per year.