Fraxinus americana                                 

White Ash


Len Eiserer


Arbor Harbor, 78 Sun Lane, Millersville PA


While not approaching the Pennsylvania champion White Ash in Newtown Square (trunk circumference of 258 inches), this tree ranks among the largest White Ashes in Lancaster County that are being treated for Emerald Ash Borer.   (EAB is expected to wipe out virtually all of the untreated ashes in the county in years to come.)   With a trunk circumference of 132 inches in 2019 (spread of 70 feet and height of 80-85 feet), this tree's trunk is bigger than three of the four large F. americana that are being treated for EAB in Buchmiller County Park (see separate entry).  Its branch architecture is also esthetically superior to that of the Buchmiller ashes.  


The leaves of this amazing species are the source of a juice that gives topical relief to mosquito bite swelling and itching.