Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula'                   


Weeping Higan Cherry


Emulous Communications, Inc., 2919 Columbia Avenue, Lancaster PA


Mike Breidenstein

This is perhaps the largest Weeping Higan Cherry in the county.  With a trunk circumference of 110 inches, a height of 55 feet, and a spread of 35 feet (approximate figures), this specimen would rank third on's list of 'Pendula' in Pennsylvania.  


The tree stands extremely close to busy Columbia Avenue, however, and telephone lines run through its drooping branches.  Thus this tree is threatened.  (Identification not 100%.)

This amazing species can live over 1,000 years.  An ancient specimen in northern Japan -- a tree known as Miharu Takizakura -- is considered the most beautiful cherry tree, and also the most famous tree, in all of Japan (see last photo).