Prunus subhirtella 'Pendula'                   


Weeping Higan Cherry


Emulous Communications, Inc., 2919 Columbia Avenue, Lancaster PA


Mike Breidenstein

This is perhaps the largest Weeping Higan Cherry in the county.  With a trunk circumference of 110 inches, a height of 55 feet, and a spread of 35 feet (approximate figures), this speci- men would rank third on pabigtrees. com's list of 'Pendula' in Pennsylvania.  

The tree stands extremely close to busy Columbia Avenue, however, and telephone lines run through its droop- ing branches.  Thus this tree is threat- ened.  [Photo of tree in bloom is by Jessica Breidenstein.]

This amazing species can live over 1,000 years.  An ancient specimen in northern Japan -- a tree known as Miharu Takizakura -- is considered the most beautiful cherry tree, and also the most famous tree, in all of Japan (last photo).