Quercus alba

White Oak/The Wolf Oak


4418 Marietta Avenue, Columbia PA


Jack Wolf


This tree has not been measured recently but almost 30 years ago arborist Jack Wolf reported a trunk circumference of approximately 192 inches, a crown spread of 112 feet, and a height of approximately 100 feet. Estimated age: 305 years in 1989. This tree is taller than the state champion White Oak, is probably now within the top two dozen White Oaks in Pennsylvania in terms of overall size, and is also probably the largest White Oak in Lancaster County.


Wolf, his wife Barbara, and land consultant Immo Sulyok devoted years as well as personal and professional resources to this tree, with the Wolfs even purchasing the property it stood on and creating the White Oak Nature Preserve in its honor. The effort nearly bankrupted Wolf’s tree service company and the Wolf Oak outlasted its own preserve. Fortunately the new and current owners cherish this tree; a beloved pet is buried beneath its boughs. 


This amazing species can reach 140 feet in height and yet trees growing at high altitudes may never exceed the size of a small shrub.