Nyssa sylvatica                                        

Tupelo (Black Gum)


Penn Hill Friends Meeting House, 2239 Robert Fulton Highway, Peach Bottom PA


Len Eiserer


This may be the largest Tupelo in Lancaster County.  Indeed, if it were to be listed at pabigtrees.com, this tree would be tied for the 4th largest Tupelo in the state of Pennsylvania.  In 2019 it measured roughly 10 feet 3 inches in trunk circumference; 50 feet in spread; and a towering 80-85 feet in height.


The second photo shows the Black Gum's small fruit (not yet ripe) which is a valuable energy food for birds, especially the American Robin. 


This amazing species can surpass 650 years in age and is thus the longest living flowering plant in Eastern North America (not counting clonal plants).