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Nyssa sylvatica                                        

Tupelo (Black Gum)


Penn Hill Friends Meeting House, 2239 Robert Fulton Highway, Peach Bottom PA


Len Eiserer


This may be the largest Tupelo in Lan- caster County.  Indeed, if this tree were listed at Champion Trees of Pennsylvania (pabigtrees.com), it would be tied for the 4th largest Tupe- lo in the entire state.  


In 2019 this N. sylvatica measured roughly 10 feet 3 inches in trunk cir- cumference; 50 feet in spread; and a towering 80-85 feet in height.


The second photo shows the Black Gum's small fruit (not yet ripe) which is a valuable energy food for birds, es- pecially the American Robin. 


This amazing species can surpass 650 years in age and is thus the longest living flowering plant in Eastern North America (not counting clonal plants).

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