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Conestoga House & Gardens, 1608 Marietta Avenue, Lancaster PA

Several specimens of this beautiful dwarf reside in the orangery and elsewhere at Conestoga House. Able only to withstand temperatures down to 20 degrees F, this tree is widely grown in the Philippines.  

In America it makes an excellent container tree: shiny dark evergreen foliage; fragrant, self-pollinating white flowers; and abundant tangerine-like fruit. Planted in the ground in a warm climate, the tree only reaches 4-6 feet.

​While the fruit itself is sour, its peel is sweet.  Calamondin marmalade is high in Vitamin C.  Frozen whole, the fruit is used as ice cubes for tea and cocktails. Extracted juice can be made into a lemonade-type drink or combined with vodka and sugar.  The juice is also used like lemon to make seafood and other dishes more savory.  In Florida in the 1920s-1950s, Calamondin cake was especially popular.

This amazing species looks like a little Christmas tree while decorated with its small picturesque fruit.


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