The Louise Tanger Arboretum

Address:  See below.

This arboretum is composed of two conjoined parcels of land, one of the Lancaster County Historical Society (230 N. President Avenue, Lancaster) and the other of President James Buchanan's home, Wheatland (1120 Marietta Avenue, Lancaster).

The Tanger is an accredited arboretum with more than 100 species. Highlights include: (1) a grove of mature cultivars of European Beeches (Fagus sylvatica); (2) a mature Dove Tree (Davidia involucrata); (3) an outstanding Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum); and (4) a dwarf conifer garden containing 60 specimens.


The Tanger has been called "the second finest arboretum in Lancaster County" (after Masonic Homes) by Penn State Extension Service.

Other noteworthy trees listed indi- vidually on this website include:  Kat- sura, American Elm (now deceased), Black Walnut, Red Maple, Dawn Redwood, White Ash, and Serbian Spruce.