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Quercus bicolor


Swamp White Oak                                  


3157 Lincoln Highway East, Paradise PA


John Harvey

Using the "3 x 3 Rule" (see Special Topics:  Measuring Trees), this tree is the Pennsylvania Co-Champion Swamp White Oak (its sister champion is in Centre County).  In addition, this tree is the third largest oak of any spe- cies in Lancaster County, according to pabigtrees.com; only a Burr Oak and a White Oak are larger.


In 2019 this tree's trunk circumference was taped at 214 inches, its height at 80 feet, and its spread at 114 feet.   


Incredibly, the age of this tree is pre- cisely known because in 1855, it sprouted from an acorn collected at Haverford College. Thus the oak was exactly 164 years old in 2019. 


This amazing species is easy to trans- plant, grows quickly, produces valua- ble lumber, and offers sweet acorns that are relished by ducks, geese and turkeys; deer, bear and beaver; and of course squirrels.  [3rd photo from Cherry Creek Nursery.]

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