Malus pumila ‘Smokehouse’

Smokehouse Apple


757 Sylvan Road, Lancaster PA (Rohrerstown)


Ken Kuzdro


This tree, estimated at 100-140 years old, is still producing apples.


As the growing and transporting of apples became mainstream in America, only a handful of varieties were put into mass production.  The others (including the Smokehouse) were more or less cast to the wayside.


The Smokehouse variety originated in 1837 with a seedling discovered growing next to the smokehouse on William Gibbons’ farm in Mill Creek PA. The Kuzdro tree is ex- pected to die in the next several years; however a new tree (second photo) has been grafted with scion wood from the old tree and is growing at the same address.


This amazing variety of tree bears fruit from a young age and provides a quality all-purpose apple that is excellent for cooking, eating, baking, and cider.

30B_Smokehouse Grafted with Scion Wood f