Acer saccharinum

Silver Maple                                   


Noble Hill Horse Rescue, 2002 Noble Road, Kirkwood PA


Pat Astheimer

This tree stands in front of an old farmhouse, parts of which could be 240 years old.  In its early years the property belonged to Capt. Thomas P. Whiteside (1736-1805), a Revolutionary War veteran who lost an arm while fighting at the battles of Princeton, Trenton and Monmouth, NJ.  He later became a well-known judge in Lan- caster County.


In 2018 the old Silver had a trunk cir- cumference of 18 feet, a height of 90, and a spread of 85 (approximate fig- ures).   The tree is thus one of the larg- est Silver Maples in Lancaster County, is 150-200 years old, and may have been planted by a Whiteside heir.


This amazing species sports leaf and flower buds that become an important food source for squirrels in the spring after acorns and other food have become scarce.