Acer saccharinum

Silver Maple


Northwest Lancaster County River Trail, 1/8 mile north of Marietta Access (on right)


Pat Lemay


With four co-dominant trunks branching two feet above ground, this tree might not im- press as much as a single trunk specimen. But the plant is huge and must surely be older than the age that Silvers normally at- tain. Trunk circumference at two feet was approximately 280 inches in 2019.


Like the Crable Silver Maple farther north along the same trail (near Falmouth; see separate entry), this tree is growing in an ideal environment for Silvers:  low impact from human activity; storm protection by the surrounding forest; and moist bottomland (other names for this species are Creek Ma- ple, Water Maple, and Swamp Maple).


This amazing species is one of only two maples (the other being Red) that produce samaras in spring instead of fall.   Seeds germinate in summer and so don't require dormancy.