Magnolia x soulangeana

Saucer Magnolia


Hans Herr House, 1849 Hans Herr Drive, Willow Street PA (back-left of Visitor Center)


David Schrock


The fourth photograph displayed here was taken in 1896 and shows David H. Huber and his family standing outside of their home with a recently planted magnolia (the tree farthest to the right).  This photo proves that the magnolia that stands outside of the Visitor Center today is roughly 130-135 years old ( 2020 - 1896 + Age When Planted).  Since the normal lifespan of Saucers is usually cited as 80-120, this still-healthy magnolia is clearly ex- ceeding expectations.

[In the photo, David Huber is holding the horse’s bridle; his wife Annie is in the white apron; their daughters are down front, Myrtle (smaller) and Mary; Aunt Adda Mowrer is in the black apron; and Uncle John Huber, David’s brother and builder of the 1892 Huber House, is holding David's and Annie’s son, D. Mark Huber.]

Saucer Magnolia is a hybrid created in 1820 by a cavalry officer (Etienne Soulange-Bodin, 1774-1846), who was then retired from Napoleon’s army. It is a cross between M. denudata and M. lilliflora


This amazing species tolerates wind and alkaline soils that would damage or kill many other magnolias.