Acer griseum

Paperbark Maple


Masonic Village Arboretum, 1 Masonic Drive, Elizabethtown PA (near formal gardens)


Len Eiserer


Introduced to America around 1905, no tree’s bark is more stunning than the cinnamon, exfoliating, translucent coat of Acer griseum. The closer one approaches Masonic's mature speci- men, the more spectacular the trunk and limbs are seen to be. Fall leaves of red and orange add to its beauty, but the leafless winter is when the spec- tacular bark really shines.


As woody plant guru Michael Dirr has commented, “No finer tree could be recommended.”


This amazing species, in danger of going extinct in its native habitat in central China, has survived this long in the wild even though approximately 95% of its seeds are not viable