Quercus rubra

Northern Red Oak


The Haldeman Mansion, 230 Locust Grove Road, Bainbridge PA


Dale Good


With a trunk circumference (CBH) of 17 feet 6 inches at breast height, this stunning tree might approach 250 years old. Samuel Steman Haldeman was born in 1812, and the budding naturalist and philologist of such fu- ture eminence may have played and rested within its shade.

As of Summer 2018, this tree was suf- fering from Hypoxylon Canker.  This affliction is a stress-related disease not uncommon in oaks (and red oaks are more vulnerable to stress than other oaks) caused by the fungus Hypoxylon atropunctatum.  The fungus is a weak parasite that causes little harm to healthy trees but can be indicative of, and speed the passing of, a tree that is already dying.


This amazing species is so important as a fall food source for black bears that the abundance of its acorn crop can affect bear reproductive success the following year.