Arbor arcanum

Mystery Tree


1151 Village Road, Lancaster PA


Len Eiserer


Architecturally, this specimen is one of the most stunning trees in Lancaster County.  With codominant trunks reaching out in all directions from the middle of a horse pasture, its lateral spread is remarkable.  


Most trees give a circular appearance in a satellite image but this tree's outline (3rd photo) instead resembles some mysterious South Pacific island (4th photo shows famous Pitcairn Is- land).  The tree takes up so much valu- able farmland that the landowners must surely be fond of it.


Unfortunately I've been unable to ap- proach this tree.  My wild guess at identification is -- as unlikely as it may seem -- White Mulberry (Morus alba).  

[Note:  "Arbor arcanum" is Latin for "Tree of Mystery."]