Maple Grove Park


1420 Columbia Avenue, Lancaster PA

Ralph W. Coho


Maple Grove has two arbor highlights: (1) a nice collection of old Silver Maples (Acer saccharinum); and (2) a venerable old White Mulberry (Morus alba).  [See the separate listings for Maple Grove's maple and mulberry trees.]


Most of the Silvers were planted in 1914 by Ralph W. Coho who purchased West End Park, built a swimming pool there, planted these maples around the pool, and re- named the park Maple Grove [Jack Bru- baker, Lancaster Online, May 25, 2004.]. These trees thus are more than 100 years old, and one or two — perhaps preexisting in the park — seem considerably older.


The significance of the old mulberry cen- ters upon Lancaster’s history in the silk industry [see 'Lancaster's Mulberry Trees' under Special Topics]. What is especially nice about Maple Grove is that it permits comparisons of mulberries of different ages.


In mulberries, simpler unlobed leaves re- flect a tree's maturity. A young mulberry located along the edge of the Little Con- estoga Creek bears leaves of multiple shapes (unlobed, single lobed, multiple lobed; 4th photo).  A mature mulberry bordering the front parking lot (actually standing on the adjacent property) has relatively fewer lobed leaves. The old mul- berry standing on the edge of the creek has nothing but unlobed leaves (5th pho- to).

[Second photo shows maple trees; third photo shows the old mulberry.]