Tilia sp.



171 S. Charlotte Street, Manheim PA (backyard)


Stewart & Anna Rentschler


In 2000 this tree (species of linden unknown) was touted as one of the largest lindens in Pennsylvania (Ad Crable, "Big Timber," Lancaster New Era, May 9, 2000).  The tree was esti- mated to be 185 years old, just 50 years younger than the town of Man- heim itself.


Property owners Anna and Stewart Rentschler "are trying to make sure the next landowner doesn't arbitrarily whack down the tree as a nuisance," Crable wrote.  Unfortunately the couple -- who died in 2008 (Stewart) and 2014 (Anna) -- failed in that goal. No sign of the tree exists today (2018).


While the exact species of this tree isn't known, it had the third largest trunk circumference (192 inches) of all linden trees that are listed at pabigtrees.com.  Depending upon its particular species, it may well have been a state champion; in any event, it was the second largest linden in Lancaster County (after the Silver Leaf Linden at Franklin & Marshall College). Two large lindens still live in the front yard of the Rentschler property.