Acer palmatum

Japanese Maple

126 W. Main Street, Terre Hill PA (front yard)

Len Eiserer

Right-slanted.  In bonsai terms, this tree might be reminiscent of Shakan Style except a slanted bonsai's branches are typically parallel to the ground (third photo), not at right angles to the trunk.

Ten years ago this tree was multi-trunked -- the missing left side forming a "V" with the trunk that remains (last photo). Half of the tree was removed because of a neighborly spat, mechanical damage or some other reason.  The resulting form makes this one of the most bizarre trees in Lancaster County.


This amazing species, introduced to the United States in the 1800s, is a popular choice for bonsai and includes over 1,000 cultivars that vary in form, color, leaf type and preferred growing condition.