Castanea crenata                                    

Japanese Chestnut


C.C. Callis Farm, Fruitville Pike, Manheim PA (3 miles SE of Manheim)


John H. Kitch


Nominated in 1978 and the state champion as late as 2006, this Japanese Chestnut is appar- ently no longer alive and no photos are availa- ble.  [The first photo is a C. crenata in Robe- sonia PA that is the same size as the Callis tree was.  From]


In 1978 the Callis tree measured 161 inches in circumference, 55 feet in height, and 61 feet in spread.  Were it alive with those measurements today (2019), it would still be the second largest Japanese Chestnut in Pennsylvania.  


This amazing species is resistant to the blight fungus and other diseases that plague Amer- ican and European chestnut species.

179A_castanea crenata robesonia  JPG.png