Janice Stork Corridor Park                    


200 Block of West Lemon Street to 300 Block of Harrisburg Avenue, Lancaster PA


While not a formal collection of trees, this gem of a linear park contains a rich varie- ty of trees.  The park opened in 1994, is handicapped accessible, and extends a mere .3 of a mile between Harrisburg Pike and Lemon Street.  All that's needed to substantially enhance the park's edu- cational value are labels for the various species....a simple but powerful upgrade.  

The park's arbor highlight is what ap- pears to be a large Red Mulberry (Morus rubra), a native species that is being threatened with extinction by the invasive White Mulberry (Morus alba) from China (see separate entry.)  


A casual inventory of the park's trees in 2019 found these additional species: Black Locust; Cherry; Crabapple; Golden Rain Tree; Green Ash; Hemlock; Holly; Honeylocust; Japanese Maple; Norway Maple; Norway Spruce; Pine (multiple species); Red Oak; River Birch; Silver Ma- ple; Sugar Maple; Sycamore; Tree of Hea- ven; Willow Oak; and Zelkova.  


There are additional trees on adjacent private property that are within easy visu- al access from the park.