104C_GreenAsh2 (1).JPG

Fraxinus pennsylvanica

Green Ash


Quarryville Elementary School,  211 South Hess Street, Quarryville PA (behind the school)


Scott Peiffer, Kathleen Hood


This tree, a female, is the certified direct descendant of an ash growing at Dwight Eisenhower’s birthplace and boyhood home in Dennison TX.

One of the first such Eisenhower Green Ash Memorial Trees was planted at the French Embassy in Washington D.C. to honor the U.S president who commanded the Nor- mandy invasion during World War II. Inspired by the planting at the French Embassy, VFWs and corporate spon- sors later paid tribute to World War II veterans by planting Eisenhower ashes in an initiative called Operation Silent Witness. Between Memorial Day (May 28) and D-Day (June 6) in 2001, thou- sands of green ashes were planted at VFW Posts and other locations across the country.

The Q-Elementary tree, planted in 1999, is a beautiful specimen.  It's uncertain, however, whether the tree is currently being protected against Em- erald Ash Borer.


This amazing species is hardy in USDA zones 3-9, grows across most of the United States and Canada, and thus has the largest natural range of any of our native ashes.