Koereuteria paniculata

Golden Rain Tree


Conestoga House & Gardens, 1608 Marietta Avenue, Lancaster PA


David Kantner


This tree, native to Korea and China, has been nominated to Champion Trees of Pennsylvania (pabigtrees.com) and appears to be the largest Golden Rain Tree in the entire state.


In 2018 this tree's trunk circumference was 10 feet 1 inch as measured at 18 inches up; its average spread was 58 feet; and its height was 55 feet.  (Nor- mally this species does not exceed 40 feet tall.)

Three Koereuterias are listed at pa bigtrees.com, and they have size totals of 176, 156, and 113 points respec- tively.  The Conestoga tree's point total in 2018 came to 190.


This amazing species first reached America when Thomas Jefferson ger- minated seeds sent by a French asso- ciate in 1809.

[2nd photo by David Kantner]