Pinus wallichiana 'Zebrina'

Golden Himalayan Pine (Bhutan Pine)  


Masonic Village Arboretum, 1 Masonic Drive, Elizabethtown PA (formal gar- dens)

This variegated cultivar, whose long graceful needles are banded with yellow, is native to the mountains of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and China.  

The Masonic Village specimen is very large for its species, with a trunk cir- cumference of 86 inches, a height of 80-85 feet, and a spread of about 30 feet.  As such, it would be tied for third largest P. wallichiana in Pennsylvania if it were officially listed.  


No Zebrinas are documented at Champion Trees of Pennsylvania (pa on the big tree lists of most other states for that matter. But this tree may well be the largest Golden Himalayan in Pennsylvania.


This amazing species (not the cultivar) is the source of a superior quality of turpentine.