Ginkgo biloba



Lancaster Cemetery, 205 East Lemon Street, Lancaster PA (back of the cemetery) 


William Stahler, Jerry Smoker


This tree, a male, is the co-champion ginkgo in Pennsylvania (the other co- champion is at Tyler Arboretum in Lima PA).   

Co-champions are designated if (a) their measurement point total is less than 100 and within 3 of each other; or (b) their point total is more than 100 and within 3% of each other (this is the 3x3 Rule).   As of 2019, total points were 396 for the Lancaster tree and 389 for the Tyler tree.  Thus, co-champions.


In any event, the circumference of Lancaster's tree measured 263 inches in 2010 and 281 inches in 2019 (  Its height was 88 feet and its spread was 108 feet in 2019.


This tree was once struck by lightning, and also lost a large limb to high winds preceding Hurricane Sandy in 2012.   For the intriguing history of this and other Ginkgos in Lancaster Cem- etery, refer to the entry on "The Six Ginkgos."  


This amazing species is a “living fossil” that goes back 270 million years (be- fore the first dinosaurs).