Quercus robur

English Oak (Pedunculate Oak)             


Millersville University, 9 N. George Street, Millersville PA (behind the library, adjacent to the parking lot off Frederick Street)


Patrick J. Cooney, Christopher R. Hardy


With a trunk circumference of approximately 207 inches, this tree could be the champion or co-champion English Oak in the state of Pennsylvania (see pabigtrees.com for comparison).  Also called the Pedunculate Oak because of its stalked acorns (see 4th photo).


According to British legend, Robin Hood used to hide in the hollow trunk of a particular English Oak that still stands in Sherwood Forest.  This tree (see last photo) has a trunk circum- ference of 35 feet and is the most famous tree in that country.


In England, this amazing species supports tremendous biodiversity by hosting 32 species of mammal, 68 species of bird, 34 species of butterfly, 31 species of fungi or lichen, and 271 species of insect (including the butter-