177A_Valleybrook estates black   walnut

Juglans nigra                                          

Eastern Black Walnut


Valleybrook Drive, Lancaster PA (across from 250 Valleybrook Drive, near swim- ming pool)


Leon Schreffler

This tree, growing at a protected and competition-free site, is the largest Black Walnut in Lancaster County and the fifth largest in the state of Penn- sylvania.  In 2013 it measured 187 inch- es in trunk circumference, 85 feet in height, and 82 feet in spread (pabig trees.com).


This amazing species, highly prized for its timber, nuts and beauty, has occa- sionally brought $10-20K for a single mature tree.  As a result, large speci- mens have been nearly eliminated (through harvesting) in some parts of the country.  


[The first two photos are from pabig  trees.com]

177B_Valleybrook estates black   walnut