Acer palmatum var. dissectum

Cutleaf Japanese Maple


Brethren Village Retirement Community, 3001 Lititz Pike, Lititz (corner of Fairview & Fieldcrest Drives)


Len Eiserer, Ad Crable, Barbara Smith


Relocated in 2008 because of a $110-million development project, this 25-foot tree is taller than any other dissectum in Pennsylvania.  Further, it is within the state’s top four or five largest when trunk circumference and branch spread are also taken into account.


Regarding the old tree’s successful re- location, Green Thumb Society president James Eshelman remarked: “This tree is a symbol of being moved and a signpost for the aging, that they still have a pur- pose in life.” [See “Brethren’s Big Old Tree Relocates,” by Ad Crable, Lancaster Online, March 14, 2008.]


This amazing species is so beautiful that it’s been favored by Japanese gardeners for literally thousands of years.