Cedrus atlantica

Blue Atlas Cedar


The Arts Hotel, 300 Harrisburg Avenue, Lancaster PA


Landscapers usually recommend planting Blue Atlas Cedars at least 40 feet away from any structure to allow for growth of these large trees, but the Arts Hotel has taken a different tack.  


Five cedars are, in effect, partial es- paliers after being planted so close to the hotel building (about 8 inches) that 50% of each tree (the backside) cannot develop.  Some of their branches look like vines climbing the hotel walls.


This species is normally broadly spreading when mature but these five trees can never reach such size and form.  Still, being well cared for and now approaching 18 feet tall, these are healthy and 'happy' trees -- they were covered with cones in August 2018.  In addition, the trees look absolutely spectacular when illuminated during the Holiday Season (last photos).


[Note:  As of 2020, one or two of these trees were dying (see fifth photo).] 

This amazing species has cones that contain an unpleasantly tasting resin that deters squirrels.