Malus pumila ‘Dieppe’

Apple Tree


Conestoga House & Gardens, 1608 Marietta Avenue, Lancaster PA (at end of the entrance walkway)


Larry Wettig, David Kantner


This apple is an excellent example of an espaliered tree, one that has been trained to grow in just two dimensions by artful pruning and by tying its branches to a flat frame, fence or wall . The tree is in formal candelabra form, in which branches grow straight out to the side and then upward at a right angle to form the shape of a candelabra (see photo).  

When naturalized, this amazing species provides food -- through its buds, leaves, flowers, fruit and sap -- to a myriad of invertebrates (bees, beetles, aphids, leafhoppers, butter- flies, moths) as well as to birds (grouse, finches, sparrows, orioles) and mammals (deer, fox, bear, opos- sum, skunk).


(Note:  The last photo is not the Conestoga tree.)