231 North Second Street, Bainbridge PA (front yard)


Carl and Betty Evans; H. Dean Fox, Rodney Mohr


An incredible “Guardian Angel” sculpture, created by New Holland artist H. Dean Fox, was chiseled from the trunk of an Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus) in 1998 after the ailing tree was taken down. Homeowners Carl and Betty Evans commissioned the sculpture because “leaving a big ol’ ugly stump just wasn’t going to cut it.” Twenty years later the stunning angel — her wings now lost — still kneels in prayer.

According to current resident Rodney Mohr, "The angel was not in that good of shape when I moved in 7 years ago because of water damage and carpenter ants. About 2 years ago she fell (or was pushed over) and the rotted wings broke off.  I set her back up and cut them flush with her back, but soon enough she will be gone. I've enjoyed her very much the years I've been here."