Platanus occidentalis                              

American Sycamore


Millersville University, W. Frederick Street & N. George Street (by the pond)


Christopher R. Hardy, Patrick J. Cooney

At 115 feet in 2014, this Sycamore is the tallest cultivated tree on the Millersville University campus (a taller tree is reportedly in MU's Biological Preserve off Bishop Road along the Conestoga River).    DBH was about 80 inches in 2014 (thus CBH was about 251 inches). 


The age of this Sycamore -- which is in MU's Trees of Distinction collection ---was estimated by MU to be 121-154 years in 2019.  

This amazing species is often planted in urban areas because of its ability to tolerate air pollution, its fast-growing provision of shade, and the ability of its roots to endure soil compaction.