Platanus occidentalis


American Sycamore, Buttonwood                             

320 Trail Road North, Elizabethtown PA (at the back of this property which is owned by Chris Riehl, by Shells Run; but the nearest approach is from 7892 Elizabethtown Road)


Donna Sanford, Chris Riehl


With a trunk circumference of 19 feet, this tree is one of the largest syca- mores in the county and might break into the top 30 or 40 sycamores in Pennsylvania, judging from pabig trees.com.  The tree sits in a cow pasture near a creek, an ideal habitat that is relatively safe from develop- ment.  [This private property is bor-

dered by an electrified fence (last photo).]


This amazing species is the largest deciduous tree in the Eastern United States.