Ulmus americana

American Elm


Manor View Nursery (now closed), 3321 Columbia Avenue, Lancaster PA


John Rosenfeld


With a trunk diameter of 5 feet 9 inches, a height of 111 feet, and a branch spread of 83.5 feet (as mea- sured in 2018), this is the second larg- est elm on record in Pennsylvania.


As noted by arboriculturist John Ro- senfeld, this elm could be old enough that the Continental Congress passed beneath its boughs enroute from Lan- caster to York in 1777. To have survived so long, the tree may be among the 1 in 100,000 American Elms that are tolerant of Dutch Elm Disease.


This amazing species is insensitive to length of daylight (i.e., photoperiod) and continues to grow well into au- tumn until injured by frost.