Special thanks are owed to Scott Wade who has repeatedly inspired me with his champion tree tours at Longwood Gardens, and who also has kindly let me use photos from his website; Ad Crable who has been extremely supportive and also, by publicizing this effort, especially helpful in generating new tree nominations; and Sophie Xiong who took time away from her wonderfully busy and important life to single-handedly build this website. 


Lynn Alarie

John Ambler

Don Anderson

Paul Appel

Bill Bitzer

Julie Blymire

Jim Bower

Mike and Jessica Breidenstein

Jack Brubaker

Isaac Buckwalter

Joy Callender

Kenneth Carvell

Ralph Coho

John Condoluci

Patrick J. Cooney

Ad Crable

Mary Carolyn Davies

Pat Eiserer

Bill Elmendorf

Carl & Betty Evans

Betty Farenwald

Beth Forney

H. Dean Fox

Steve Garman

Randy Garner

Barb Gerow

Jan & Bruce Garrabrandt

Dale Good

Brian Goodman

Allan Groff

Christopher R. Hardy

Jeff Hazlett

Sylvia Hernley

John & Christiana Hershock

Becky & Fred Hofferth

Jim Hoffman

Mark Hofmann

Kathleen Hood

Abner Houseknecht

Dan Howarth

Bo Irwin

David Kantner

Chris Karlesky

Edward Kaufman

Mike Kellam

Jim Kendig

Helen Kirchner

Shawn Kister

Laura Knowles

Ken Kuzdro

David Labeda

David Bachman Landis

Pat Lemay

Christine Longenecker

Robin Maguire

Alison Mallin

Rodney Mohr

Scott Peiffer

Kristin V. Rehder

Anna & Stewart Rentschler

Joe Richardson

Chris Riehl

Dorothy Rodgers

John & Nan Roose

John Rosenfeld

Randy Ross

Donna Sanford

James Sagris

Phil Saunders

Daina Savage

Natalie Scarberry

David Schrock

Blaine Shahan

Jill Showalter

Barbara Smith

Corrinne Hosfeld Smith

Douglas Smith

Jeanne Smith

Jerry Smoker

Jim Smoker

Harvey Souder

Sue Spiese

Kate St. John

Lori Stahl

William Stahler

Linda Stienstra

Jeff Stuffle

Tim Stuhldreher

David Stull

Immo Sulyok

Alice Crary Sutcliffe

Joy Tien

Ben Tresselt III

Scott Wade

Paul Weiss

Brian Wolyniak

Sophie Xiong

Beth Zimmerman